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Can we help you find your seat?
With BookTix Live, you don't need to know your seat number, but you do need your unique, 12-16 character StreamPass code or link that was emailed to you.

BookTixLive is browser based, and needs to be accessed through an updated web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

To watch the stream on a television, you can try using Airplay to an Apple TV, a Chromecast device, or accessing a browser such as Firefox on your Amazon Stick directly on your Smart TV. Click here for more information.

Need Help finding your StreamPass?

If you purchased your ticket from, your StreamPass will be emailed directly to you from BookTix. The email will be sent to the address you provided when you purchased the ticket. If you cannot find your email with your StreamPass, you should check your spam folder. In the body of the email you will see the StreamPass code and a link. Clicking on the StreamPass link will take you to the BookTix Live Lobby, where your StreamPass will autopopulate into the "Join Now" field.

If you received a replacement ticket email from BookTix, you will need to open the PDF attachment and click on the StreamPass code in the ticket, the StreamPass is an active link that will redirect you to the BookTixLive page and your StreamPass will auto populate into the "Join Now" field.

You may have received your StreamPass directly from the Event Organizer, in this case you will need to copy and paste or manually enter your StreamPass from the email into the "Join Now" field on BookTixLive.

If you purchased your tickets through BookTix, and you did not receive an email with a StreamPass, please contact us through the Chat below. Note: we can only help with tickets sold through BookTix, and will not have access to StreamPasses distributed through the Event Organizer. Please enter the name of the Presenting Organization presenting the show, the show name, the name and email address the purchase was made under and order number if you have it. Note: we can only help with tickets sold through BookTix, and will not have access to StreamPasses distributed through the Event Organizer directly.

If you get a "StreamPass is invalid" message, you are most likely entering the StreamPass incorrectly into the "Join Now" field.

The StreamPass is a 16 digit, case sensitive code. If you click on the link in the email, or the StreamPass itself in the PDF attachment, you will be redirected to BookTixLive and the code will auto populate into the field for you. If you are entering the StreamPass manually, we suggest copying and pasting the code rather then transcribing it into the "Join Now" field. If you need to transcribe the code into the "Join Now" field, a capital i and a lower case L may look similar, "l". Try entering the code using the different letters. If this does not work, you can reach out to the Presenting Organization to resend your code, or start a chat with one of our team members below. Please enter the name of the Presenting Organization, the show name, the name and email address the purchase was made under and order number if you have it.

If you get a "Code Already in Use" message, the StreamPass you are using is already entered in another device.

Each StreamPass is secure from sharing and can only be used by one device at a time. If it is opened on a second device, the original viewer will be kicked off the stream. Make sure you are the only person using this code, and that you do not have it open on another device or in another browser window.

If the performance should have started, but the message says to return at the "performance time," the Organization has not yet begun the broadcast.

Patience is appreciated, as many shows start a few minutes post announced time to ensure all viewers are present. You will need to refresh/reload the screen periodically. When the presenting organization has opened the stream, you will see a player where you can press play. The Organization might be experiencing some technical difficulties, so please be patient. If it is well past show time and the stream has not yet started, please reach out to us via the Chat below with the organization and show name.

Running Late?

Just like in live theater, make sure you are on time for the show! You can still join the stream late, but you might miss out on some of the broadcast. Once the Event Organizer Closes the stream, your access to it will end.

If you are receiving an Unknown CDM Error, you may be improperly mirroring or casting your screen to a secondary device like a TV, or are trying to record the livestream.

All livestreams on BookTix Live are DRM protected to prevent screen capturing which may prevent some devices from mirroring or casting to a TV. Please try accessing the stream on your primary device first before you try sharing it on your TV. Please click here for a list of technology combinations that most guests have been successful with. Click here for more information

If you are receiving a Native Playback error, license error, or MPEG Dash error please first try refreshing your browser page.

Because of the security on the streams, some older versions of browsers will not work. If you still receive the error message, try using a different browser or try updating your browser to a newer version. We recommend Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If that still does not work, you will need to try a different device.

If you are in the stream but you can not hear anything, please first check the volume in the player itself (bottom left of the player window) and on your device.

You may also try refreshing the browser or rejoining the stream. If the problem persists, please try joining from another device. Note: it can also be that there is no audio coming from the organization's video at this time. If the problem persists, please start a Chat below with one of our team members and enter the name of the Presenting Organization and the show name.

If the stream is choppy or the screen is black, please check your internet connection and try refreshing your browser.

Streams are created by the organization, there could be a technical error on their end.


If your Event Organizer is offering a Program or an option to donate, you can find it on the bottom left hand side of the video player. It will open in a new window.

Need more help?

Please reach out to our team at or on our chat feature if you continue to experience problems.