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Can we help you find your seat?
With BookTix Live, you don't need to know your seat number, but you do need your StreamPass. Your StreamPass is a unique code you will use to gain access to the Event.
Need Help finding your StreamPass?

If you purchased your ticket from, then Your StreamPass will be emailed directly to you from BookTix. You will receive a PDF ticket with the StreamPass code in it. The email will be sent to the address you provided when you purchased the ticket. Clicking on the StreamPass in the ticket will take you to the BookTix Live Lobby, where your StreamPass will autopopulate and you can click "Join Now" to join the livestream. If you cannot find your email with your StreamPass, you should check your spam folder, or reach out to our help staff to assist in looking up your purchase information.

If you purchased your ticket from a different vendor, and you were emailed the StreamPass from the Event Organizer, you will need to go to and copy and paste the StreamPass from the email into the box. If you cannot find your email with your StreamPass, please reach out to your Event Organizer directly.

Every Device needs its own StreamPass.

A StreamPass can only be used on one device at a time. If you share the StreamPass with someone else, or enter the StreamPass on a different device, you will get knocked off the livestream.

Can I join the livestream before it begins?

You can only join the livestream once the organization hosting the stream has begun streaming. Please check your ticket purchase to confirm this time.

Arriving early to the Lobby.

No need to arrive too early, there are no lines and no need to create an account or sign in. You will be admitted once the Event Organizer starts the stream. Please check your ticket to confirm the start time. Be sure to be on time, as the stream will begin "live."

Running Late?

Just like live theater, make sure you're on time for the show! You can still join the stream late, but you might miss out on some of the broadcast. Once the Event Organizer Closes the stream, your access to it will end.


If your event producer is offering a Program or an option to donate, you can find it on the bottom left hand side of the video player.

Need more help?

Please reach out to our team at or on our chat feature if you continue to experience problems.